TVU Challenge 1105 - Inspiration Falls -- Pt 1. Challenge
For Part 1, we want you to make an Inspiration post -- you may use ANYTHING that inspires you, not just television (the same will go for Part 2). You can use stock, screencaps, fonts, music, palettes, textures, existing artwork, whatever you wish -- as long as it is properly credited to the best of your ability.

Theme: wistful and hopeful
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TVU Challenge 1103 - Paging Dr Kildare
Create a written entry of at least 250 words with a general prompt of MEDICAL DOCTORS. Maybe your favorite character needs to see a doctor but doesn't want to; maybe your favorite character is the doctor, overrun with patients. Perhaps, even, your setting is simply a hospital and nothing is happening of interest. However you want to interpret the prompt, so long as it's obvious.

Here is a little doctor drabble, TURN style (423 words):
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TVU Challenge 1104 - Greasemonkey
+ Create a six (6)-image picspam of your favorite TV vehicle (car, truck, spaceship, boat, etc). Dimensions should be between 500-600px wide; height is your preference.
I chose Walt Longmire's Bronco. (I really wanted to use a horse from TURN....)
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TVU Challenge 1017 - Dear Abby
Write an advice seeking letter from a character to an advice columnist, 100-500 words in length
+ Have that columnist reply in a letter of the same 100-500 word length

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TVU Challenge 1015 - Quotable (Part Two)
5 graphics for Lucifer, Forever, Broadchurch, Turn and Scorpion
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TVU Challenge 1010 - headCANON
Sticking with the headcanon-theme, this challenge is simply a chance for you to share your thoughts on your fandoms of choice. Below are a list of items which I blatantly stole from a meme I posted to my own LJ last week for you to answer about any character you choose. You do not have to adhere to canon for these answers, as they are 100% your feelings. (if you want to share with us your belief that Harry Potter and the Wicked Witch of the West are, in fact, the true heirs of Han Solo, you can go for it! only, not that, since they aren't approved TVU-fandoms...) There are no wrong answers, but we do ask that you at least give us two sentence-answers.

Here they are: Hewlett, Longmire.
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TVU Challenge 1009 - Pop-Up Factoids
When it comes to fandoms, there are just some things we don't know about a character. For this challenge, we want you to give us FIVE (5) facts about any characters of your choosing. And, in the vein of our previous Texts from Last Night challenge, we want you to put these facts on an image of the character/fandom they relate to.

+ Create an image between 300-500px wide of your chosen character/fandom and place a single fact on that image.
Just the Factoids, ma'am....
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TVU Challenge 1006 - Thread Banners
Here are themed thread banners!  TURN and The Walking Dead

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TVU Challenge 1002 - Sigtag20in30

Here are this season's sigtags with prompts!

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TVU Challenge 1004 - One Song
Everyone has that one song* that, no matter what you're doing, you stop and listen. Whatever your mood is, it doesn't matter. That song comes on, and you listen to it from start to finish. Every single time. It may not be your favorite song, but it most definitely has a pull on you.

Maybe one of your characters hears the song on the radio - how do they react? Perhaps it's just a reminder of a scene that song is played over. Maybe, it's just the first thing you think of when you hear it. However it speaks to you, for this challenge, that song is your inspiration.

I wanted to do a fanvid for this, but I just don't have enough time before the deadline.  I've started and I will do it, but later!
Every time I hear Pink's Just Give Me a Reason I think of what a mess they've turned this relationship into in Season 4.  But I'm encouraged that they must have negotiated a S5 with Netflix right off the bat, because they announced S5 so soon.  So there is still hope. S4 was pretty depressing....
So here is an overview of the Walt/Vic (Longmire/Moretti) relationship....  Not so good at the moment....  In fact, disaster comes to mind.
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