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TVU Challenge 1114 - Fandom Mini-Mix

For this challenge, you will be creating a mini fanmix (only 4 songs) inspired by a certain character, a show, a pairing... whatever topic you want to use. You need to create a cover for your mix that is exactly 400x400, and includes the title of your mix. For each song you choose, include a link to the audio* (YouTube, 8tracks, etc) and give us at least two sentences why you picked the song/how it pertains to your theme.

So this fanmix if for Jamie and Mitch from Zoo.  Without them, I would never have continued watching this show!
Here are the songs:

Let Her Go - Passenger

He never let her go emotionally, but he did let her go to save her life.  Very heroic, seeing they all assumed he had died.
"Love comes slow and it goes so fast... Never to touch, never to keep. Only love her when you let her go.  And you let her go."

Try - Pink
Because they're all  trying so hard to solve all the problems.  Mitch is the smartest guy in the room, but she's the most saavy.  There are parallels between what they're trying to do and their relationship in the lyrics of this song.
" You gotta get up and try, try, try."  "Where there is a flame, someone's bound to get hurt."

This Love - cover by Ryan Adams
Jamie survived the plane crash and managed to hang onto a piece of wreckage till she was rescued. "Clear blue water, High tide came and brought you in."
"Currents swept you out again" It took her some time to recover from the ordeal and she a Mitch were "estranged".

Sour Cherry
Mitch is not the easiest guy to get along with.  He's emotionally constipated.  He is a sour cherry!

"Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand?"
"Shout when you want to get off the ride.  I'm a penny in a diamond mine."


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