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TVU Challenge 1105 - Inspiration Falls -- Pt 1. Challenge
For Part 1, we want you to make an Inspiration post -- you may use ANYTHING that inspires you, not just television (the same will go for Part 2). You can use stock, screencaps, fonts, music, palettes, textures, existing artwork, whatever you wish -- as long as it is properly credited to the best of your ability.

Theme: wistful and hopeful

Total number of elements: [no idea! 361?]
I have been so let down by my favourite ships in the last 6 months that all the sad, slow songs speak to me! (although Better is not quite in that category - so there is hope!)

You – Keaton Henson (6 elements)

I Wake Up – The Glorious

Try – Tyler Ward

Let Her Go – Tyler Ward

Better – Regina Spektor

This Love – Ryan Adams

Here are some of the characters that inspire me.
Maybe I’m inspired by a man in a uniform or a wig or a hat or a good suit and a badge… Or a good suit and no badge. Most of these characters, if not gone, are on their way out. (7 elements)

Color palettes (kinda blue!)  5 elements

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sigh, about all the great guys

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